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When is Veterans Day 2016 Date? Celebration | What is Veterans Day

When is Veterans Day 2016 Date? Celebration | What is Veterans Day – Veterans Day is one official holiday in United States, this is also one of the most celebrated event in United States. On this day the people who had served the U.S. Armed Force during the period of World War I are known as Veterans. The Veterans Day each year falls on 11th November i.e. Friday. The day that coincides with the Veterans Day is Armistice Day and Remembrance Day, these are celebrated in rest of the world that also signifies the mark of World War I end anniversary. Most of the people get confused between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, I will clear this confusion; Memorial Day is celebrated in the remembering of men and women who died while serving whereas Veterans Day is celebrates the service of all the U.S.A. Military Veterans.

When is Veterans Day

When is Veterans Day

On the Veterans Day it is holidays for most of the colleges and schools, this day is marked by parades and church servings all around the United States and in most of the place the flag of United States of America is hung at half-mast. At 11am a two minutes of silence is held by all the people in the remembrance of the Veterans. The Schools and Colleges that doesn’t has an off on Veterans Day, conduct assemblies and Cultural Activities in respective Schools and Colleges. So this was the brief story of Veterans Day of United States of America.

Veterans Day 2016 Date & Quotes

One of the most awaited event of the United States of America people is the Veterans Day, as on this day all the people come together we can also say join together and celebrate this Veterans Day in the remembrance of the people who had served United States of America Armed forced during the World War I. So looking at this most of the people will be willing to send their loved ones, dear ones and all the people who are in their contact, Veterans Day Quotes. Here I have brought you the latest collection of the Veterans Day Quotes. 11th November 2016, i.e Friday Veterans Day is going to be celebrated.

  • United Stӓtes of Ӓɱericӓ’s Veterӓns ӓnd Troops serving ӓbroӓd todӓy fought Very Hӓrd to preserve our red, Шhite ӓnd blue, froɱ the Revolutionӓry Шӓr to todӓy’s Globӓl Шӓr Ӓgӓinst Terrorisɱ, ӓnd Congress’ ӓction todӓy is ӓppropriӓte for one of our ɱost sӓcred syɱbols.
  • Ӓs the dӓys Шent on, I didn’t ɱind the gӓɱes.
    In fӓct, I looked forШӓrd to theɱ. Thӓt Шӓs
    the eӓsiest pӓrt of ӓll. I couldn’t Шӓit to
    get to the bӓllpӓrk I Шould be the first one
    there ӓnd I Шӓs Шilling to do ӓnything.
    I think thӓt is Шhy the veterӓns liked ɱe.

So these were the latest Veterans Day Quotes. I seriously await for this day the complete year so that I may write something to the Veterans.

What is Veterans Day?

Most of the people don’t know the actual meaning of What is Veterans Day, also most of the kids also don’t know the importance, story and the fact behind the Veterans Day. So keeping that in mind I will share with you the thing that happened in the History, due to which the Veterans Day is celebrated so largely in United States of America.

Veterans Day 2016 Date

Veterans Day 2016 Date

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month of the year 1918 an armistice between the Germany and the Allied nations came to an effect. On 11th November, 1919. The Armistice Day was celebrated for the first time. The President Wilson declared that the day should be filled with all the Solemn Pride in the Heroism of those Soldiers who gave their life for the country so that the people of the country sleep peacefully and do not face any of the disturbance and the victory and the gratitude of the Soldiers. On this day there are parades, gatherings, meetings, cultural events and a short Business activities at 11am.

In the year 1926, the United States of America Congress officially recognised the end of World War I and declared that the anniversary of the Armistice should be memorialized with the prayer and thanksgiving. The President was requested by the Congress Men that they should “issue an announcement calling upon the officials to display the flag of United States of America on 11th November on all the government buildings and an invitation to all the people of the United States of America to observe this day in Schools and Churches or any of the other suitable places, with all the best and appropriate ceremonies, we may also called as functions; with all other peoples.

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When is Veterans Day 2016 Date? Celebration | What is Veterans Day
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